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Velvety and surreal punk-folk, with good enunciation.

"Minimalist lo-fi punk vibe with cool acoustic grooves and witty but weird songs about sleazy dreams and domestic chores. Hints of Violent Femmes and The Roches but Lovell are unique and brilliant. We love Lovell and Clerkenwell ArtsLab audiences - who have great taste - love Lovell too."

The Clerkenwell ARTSlab

"Hannah Lovell writes distinctly original and playfully poetic songs that are equal parts melodious, humorous, evocative and seductive... with a surrealistic twist, where The Wizard Of Oz meets The Wicker Man. Whether it’s playing ping pong with a president, giving fashion tips to Sting, telling tales of travelling tattoo artists or singing spice-slicing recipe reveries, hers is a delectably inventive mix of parsley, sage advice, road safety and wild times!”

Sad House Daddy

"Hannah's ironic twist to the poetical voice of traditional folk is a welcome and inspiring incorporation to the London Alternative Folk Contemporary scene. Strong and dominant vocals and beautifully entwined guitar work, making her a joy to experience live and in recordings."


The Lantern Society

Lovell has been described as:"Marianne Faithful meets Sylvia Plath meets Baby from Dirty Dancing","The Pixies meets Waitrose meets The Bronze from Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Lovell consists of singer-songwriter Hannah Lovell on vocals and guitar, with Kid Kirby on drums, backing vocals and clarinet.